Study opportunity

Study opportunity

The Filipino Women’s Diet and Health Study (FiLWHEL) is a Cohort Study designed to analyze the relationship between diet, lifestyle, genetic factors, and risk factors of cardiovascular disease development of a very special group – immigrant Filipino women married to Korean men. As a pioneer of the research field targeting the immigrants and their offspring in South Korean society, the FiLWHEL study has performed invaluable investigations since its start in 2014. The preliminary aim of the study is to explore association between health and socio-economic factors of the Filipino immigrants and promote enhancement of their overall quality of life.

Your active participation and commitment is the key to success. The responses and samples collected from you enable our research team to investigate the interactions among different factors related to health status. Through this process we can come out with adequate health and dietary guidelines for the Filipino immigrants, as well as their offspring. Furthermore, the investigation may serve as a framework for the public health policies and services. We are highly aware of the fact that the immigrants and their families are essential components of Korean society, where multicultural diversity is sprouting. So, let’s prepare ourselves for the future generation!


During your participation, the research team will inform you with the results of your blood test and provide recommendations in case of detected metabolic disease. Also, we will periodically provide free medical, nutritional, and psychological consultations along with educational lectures to assist your settle down. Your participation will greatly contribute to a better understanding of the factors that influence health.

Who can Join?

You are eligible to join under the following conditions:

a) If you have ever been married to a Korean man.

b) If you currently reside in South Korea

c) if you are over 18 years old.

To join, contact us at nutepid AT gmail DOT com

What is required?

After your study enrollment, we will be asking you to provide us several information for the research. During your participation, you are required to proceed

1. Questionnaires (including sections such as demographic factors, health-related behaviors, medical history, and etc.)

2. Dietary questions

3. Anthropometry and Blood Pressure

4. Biospecimen

Considering that FiLWHEL study is a long-term study, it is crucial for us to keep in constant touch with our participants for years after the first interview.

Privacy Considerations

The security of your personal information is our highest priority. We are taking several precautions to protect your private information you give us. In addition, we do our best to ensure that any data collected from you remains protected and unidentifiable.

You have free right to withdraw from a study at any time upon your will.